A short lesson in vegetarianism

I'm sorry Tea Fans, and I'm sorry dad, but Gordon 'Effin Ramsey is now top of my shit list. Or the people who chose his so called 'vegetarians' to test his veal on.

What kind of effin vegetarian goes, 'oh you know what, I'll just try that veal < VEAL FFS!

Vegetarianism is defined quite clearly, as someone who doesn't eat meat, fish or any animal derived by-products, including non-veggie rennet, gelatine, some wheys blah blah.

Now, I know I am strict and some veggies, aren't that bothered about whether their cheese has half a calves stomach in it, but WHO, I mean WHO, thinks they are vegetarian if they eat fish? They just don't eat red meat, some of them eat chicken and claim to be vegetarian. Its no wonder when you sometimes ask if they have anything veggie, you get 'We have Tuna' - Tuna's a fish you f**king moron. Arrrrgggh.

So now Gorden Ramsey has decided to fill his F word kitchen with 'vegetarians' to sway over to the dark side by feeding them lobster, caviar and veal. He'll probably make a gelatine filled pudding just for good measure, not that any of these veggies would know the difference.

I imagine the questionnaire to try and find these imposters to get on the programme contained a questions in the vein of:

Do you eat vegetables more than once a week? If you answered yes, you are a vegetarian.

I mean the quality of the volunteers wasn't that great to start off with: Sue, 24, went vegetarian after watchin Babe

'OOh yummy', they all say having been vegetarian for 10 years, pardon me, but if they were real ones, wouldn't they have at least a few tables full of people gagging and making sick noises under the table. Certainly would be if they made me eat meat. I've been veggie for 20 and I reckon I would be.


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Matt said...

TV-Fame-hunting cocks.

There was one on Hugh's animal chop shop programme, she was a vegetarian, and applied to be a butcher and the ate meat.

It's TV though, so it's more than likely these cocks probably last ate meat on Sunday.

You're totally right about being sick, although I expect it would be the day after, anyway you wouldn't answer this question "do you want to eat this meat" with "Yes"

and don't get me started on those "but I eat fish" f**kers.

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