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Hey Tea fans, I am back.

Four days of glorious rain, sun, wind and cider, and we made it back from Latitude last night after using only A-roads to return in a Dave Gorman style homage.

We weren't sure what to expect from it really... having spent the last few years going to Glastonbury, we were worried it might be a little underwhelming when we got there. On the contrary, it was like a mini glastonbury, and all the best bits at that.

Firstly its in a park, so they have a beautiful backdrop anyway, and a lake through the middle which they take full advantage of.

Secondly, its a small festival, so camping is near the arena, is near the parking, which means you can be back at the car within 15 mins. Class.

Thirdly, no annoying students called Tarquin. Well not as many to make it obvious, and there were just as many mums dads, grannies and grandads there, as well as millions of kids under 6. BUT, Tea fans, not annoying kids, no, nice ones, the ones where the parents only look up from their green tea every 40 mins to check on their beloved offspring, to realise they are still hitting two sticks together whilst shouting 'I am the choppy man', like they were an hour ago.

Good job really, seeing as I was with the biggest kids in the park, under the name of Ben and Matt, who, having been left to their own devices for an hour, were found in the forest on a log, with what was later explained to me as an 'Aerial view of an Ewok forest hideaway complete with watchtower and terrace cafe' constructed out of bracken and sticks in front of them. Genius. The only slightly worrying thing is that when I turned up, they were explaining it to a girl who had asked them what it was, who then proceeded to point out the weaknesses in their defences. Double Genius.

Other highlights include Elbow (of course) and Sigur Ros which to me was the biggest surprise. I don't think I will be rushing to buy albums, I don't think I will be rushing to see them live again (well maybe) but as far as a headline festival band, they were superb. And I was mesmerised. Though that might be the cider.

Lowlights were mainly the toilets. Until we found the composting ones near the Sunrise tents. And losing the gazebo to a large gust of wind.

Roll on Radiohead in San Francisco.

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nicole said...

Ooh Latitude sounds good! You'll have to tell us about it if you're at the Aftershow on Friday.

P.S I do very much enjoy your blog!

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