He's a loser, baby.

So last night we went to see Beck at the (no longer sponsored by Carling thank god) Apollo. Having splashed out near to £40 for a ticket we were expecting great things. Shame we didn't get them. He started off with some blinders, but then relaxed into a show which can only be described as really f**king boring.

At its best, I felt like a bit like I'd paid for a cheap ho - only there for the money. Matt reckons he has gone back to his stoner alter-ego of the "Loser" days. Whatever it was, it was a far cry from the last time I saw him at Glastonbury, and at times they wouldn't have been out of place at your Gran's weekly folk evening at the local community centre.

So it looks like between the Black Keys and Radiohead at SFOutsideLands, we will be using the Beck set as an opportunity to sample the best cuisine Golden Gate Park can offer. 

Unless he has fireworks.

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