Nísa to see you, to see you Nísa?

I guessed it wouldn't be too long before this became a vent for my rage. Apologies in advance.

We have a local shop, it used to be a Londis, now its a Nísa (accent very important) - I don't know what the difference is, seeing as the same people own/work in it, maybe its a cheaper franchise. Annnnnnywayyyy, we use it quite alot for bits and bobs and after about 5 and at the weekends its a lovely friendly local shop, with staff who say hello/smile/say goodbye - a rare gem you might think. Not so during the day. Oh no, during the day - if you manage to negotiate your way around the box/staff slalom they create in each aisle or the gaping stockroom trapdoor near the chocolate, and if you can avoid the withering looks that one particular member of staff gives all the customers (you know who you are) - you are greeted at the till by complete indifference. Thats if they bother coming off the phone to serve you.

So its officially, the Jekyll and Hyde shop. Day - awful, night - fab. Which makes it hard because you can't boycott somewhere 50%. 

Whatever happened to customer service?

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