Home alone.

I think I have abandonment issues. Either that or I just don't like Matt having fun without me*, but there is nothing worse than watching a gang of 4 excited boys packing their massive mpv to go on a Scottish Mountain Bike Road Trip. Its not like I could do what they are setting off to do, I think I would probably just cry as soon as I saw it all. But it don't 'alf make me jealous when I see other people going away.

Especially when you are currently working very hard on the worlds worst flyer designs.

However, the benefits can sometimes outweigh the minuses. As follows:

- Once the initial mud is cleaned off the carpet, it will stay clean till they get back
- The outhouse has increased in size by about 400% as most of the bikes are gone
- Everything will stay where it is until I move it.
- I get to watch all the Big Brothers tonight, without interruption or feeling guilty that I waste my Friday watching this god awful kak.
- I can have an indulgent 'me tea' that I have cooked for myself and can enjoy at whatever time I like.
- I get to sleep (maybe) without the snore monster.
- I get to see my mum and get entertained by my dad - undivided parental attention.
- I get to stay over at priths on Sunday ready for my dentist appointment on Monday.
- Matt pays me lots of attention next week and I get to choose what we do** for at least 3 days.

So really when you weigh up the for and against columns, I guess I'm pretty happy he's not here.***

He he.

*mean, aren't I?
** I do, don't i?
*** although I do miss him.

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Matt said...

I hope he breaks stuff so I can sell him stuff and make money

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