Adventures in Supermarketing

Asda at Sport City is like a parallel universe. FACT.

Randomness seen yesterday was:

1. Couple using french sticks like swords fighting in the car park
2. 3 x staff members walking down the aisle like Reservoir Dogs with not a forward looking eye between them.
3. Old woman with hair like a cloud, sunken eyes and more goth make up on than Newt from Hollyoaks.
4. Fat baby chewing on a Bourbon.
5. Very fat, very short couple arguing in the pot noodle aisle.*
6. Woman on till commenting on every single item of our shopping as she scanned it.

The should do an episode of Doctor Who there, but no one would believe it.

*Admittedly we were in the pot noodle aisle BUT we are going to a festival this week.


Matt said...

You went to Asda, and you somehow think this behaviour is odd?

Goldie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Goldie said...

oops copied and pasted wrong thing ha ha! i dont know what I'm doing!

well i just saw bloke shop lifting in Sains. he was putting coffee jars in his rucksack so i was a do-gooder and told member of staff but he'd already legged it!

Lynda said...

i removed Goldies email address that she put on here - nothing bad :-)

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