No One (Not even the Rain)...*

Could stop the Charlatans from rocking the outside of Marks and Spencers yesterday in an impromptu busking performance for the Culture Show. 

When I say impromptu, I really mean organised to the finest detail. 

But nothing could stop me from going and seeing the Best Band in the World (fact) performing about 8 feet from me which hasn't happened since 1995.

They managed a cool 4 song set, the first one of which Tims mike didn't seem to be plugged in so more of a rare instrumental! The last being a rousing The Only One I Know (of course) before  the heavens really opened and let rip.


*clever Charlatans song reference.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Tim seems to have a 'real hair' tea cosy on his head

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