Delphic - the future sound of music

Finally, managed to get to see the latest incarnation of Al's* mates band last night and Chorlton Irish Club/wedding reception venue of the year 1974, and wow, what a far cry from the covers band that played at his 30th birthday. Well, they were never a covers band, but they played covers at his party, you know, for the universal appeal. (We nicked their wigs, left them in Woosey's fridge and she had to return them sheepishly on the Monday in work).

Anyway, their most recent enterprise is the most exciting yet and last night they played a blinder - which is good, coz half the music industry was there.** 

Do the right thing for once and check them out here and then watch this space [        ] whilst wholeheartedly supporting their live gigs.
It also looks like a new supergroup might emerge from the design/marketing aswell, so watch this second space [        ].

*Big Al.
** Allegedly.


Matt said...

BHa, in this day and age bands don't need the music industry to make it. Loads are doing it independently, and doing well.

Simon said...

Matt speaks the truth.

Hello Matt's sister!

Lynda said...

Hello Simon.

Matt you are right. For once.

Lynda said...

PS which matt is this, I get confused. Matthew Booth, you can be Mattmagic, Matthew Kendall you can be Matt - any other Matts contact me for your login :-)

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