Tea Shop Diaries Review

Tea fans, the first review is in and the verdict is this:

"most amusing except for the swear words" - Dad, 2008.

Yep, the old man has got wind of the Tea blog and I have already been berated for my language. (sorry dad :-) I checked and as far as I can see there is only one bugger and a f**k *

So from now on, the policy on swearing is this:
No unasterisked F**ks or c**ts
Only heavily monitored use of shits, buggers.
All colloquialisms are at my discretion (nobheads, tossers etc).

This self editing is quite cool, I maybe should have done this ages ago. I might have to depend on my grasp of the English language to express myself now - so basically I'm f**ked.


*notice is has been amended to ****'s.


Matt said...

what's wrong with Funk?

sadly the only other word I could think of for c**ts was "clits" so, erm, that doesn't really help much.

Belynda said...

I told you, you have to be mattmagic from now on so I know who is who

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