No sleep till... well who knows.

So Tea fans will be aware that I have been struggling with my sleep because of a bad back and tingly feet.

Well last night I decided to wile away the early hours of the morning, by wondering what job I could do that would benefit the most from my new nocturnal habits. Here is the list so far:

Milklady (inspired by the sounds of the milkman I hear every day now).
Breakfast TV presenter - sleep lunch till tea.
Breakfast DJ - ditto.
Taxi Driver - not keen as this idea.
Postman - although round here, they keep normal hours.
Factory shift worker - although not keen on factories after the cereal experience.
Late night Graphic Designer - this one is looking like the favourite so far - although I have already changed my hours to 9-5.

Hmm perhaps I need another rethink.

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Matt said...

Clearly the correct job is Knocker upper!

Manchester's still in the 1890's isn't it?

or the person that snuffs out the gas lights in the morning. they're probably called something imaginative like "snuffer outer" or "person that stops the gas burning though use of a long handled snuffing device"

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