Is there a Doctor in the house?

YAY! And his name is still Mr Tennants Extra. Despite Billie Pipers new found rasping lisp and strange boggle eyes throughout - the last episode of this series was great. Even though the plot made my eyes bleed as I tried to follow it. Regenerating into a 'spare' hand the doctor manages to clone himself into a half timelord/half human when Donna touches the tupperware* he is keeping said hand in. Because of a big word Donna then becomes a hu-lord too and manages to save the earth, whilst Doc 1 and Doc 2 are incapacitated by Jade Goody Davros.

Because there can't be a hu-lord/torchwood can't feature in Doctor Who all the time/there can't be a Doc 2/Billie Piper has to go and get more work on her teeth he then has to drop everyone off at various locations in London/Cardiff/parallel universe. So looks like Mickey is going to join Torchwood/Billie is going to live happily ever after with Doc 2 in  parallel universe with her mum and Donna Noble has to be returned to Bernard Cribbins and have her memory erased so that her brain doesn't explode with timelord knowledge. Got it? Good.

So who will be the next companion, talk is of Dirvla Kirwan who appeared in a Xmas special. 
If it is I might have to gouge my eyes out and replace them with pickled onions.

*space tupperware, obviously

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