Doctor Who will be the 11th? ***GEEK WARNING***

Yeah I know. But spending my formative years with my dad - who despite his sensible career as a doctor himself (though not as a time lord unfortunately) is as mad as a hatter - means that I have grown up on a rich televisual diet of hospital dramas (st elsewhere/casualty/ER/any hospital drama) and sci-fi documentaries stories (Dr Who/Babylon Zoo (or 5 or whatever)/Deep Space 9/Blakes Seven/Buck Rogers/StarTrek/any offshoot of any of them).

So with this in mind, is it any wonder that I am totally and unashamedly hooked on Doctor Who since Russell T Davies got his midas hands on it. And Torchwood, which I only discovered this past series. But not the Sarah Jane Adventures, I draw the line there. She's weird.

And as the last part of this series ends tomorrow, I have been scouring the internet for clues as to whether the Doctor will actually regenerate like he started to last Saturday. Just so I can completely ruin the surprise for myself tomorrow. 

Anyway, seems like Holy Moly have it down to three people - John Simm (don't think I could take the excitement if that happened) Harry Lloyd (who played Will Scarlett in Robin Hood) or Aidan Gillen - from Queer as Folk and apparently the Wire, the best programme on telly.*

So, only a few hours till we find out. I hope David Tennants Extra stays he has been my fave doctor ever. But I guess maybe now is the time for him to move onto other projects in the vain attempt to talk about something other than Doctor Who when he promotes them on BBC Breakfast. Talk about obsessed.

* apparently. Watch this space for my review once Matt gets a copy** off someone.
** Not an illegal copy of course***.

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