My age? Not quite that number.
The hours I spend per week staring out the window? Probably a lot more.
The amount of pints I drink a year. Easily.

Actually, far more boring than that, its the latitude of Latitude Festival. For which our tickets came today (phew) and for which I can't wait, though it might be a bit of a wash out. Who cares? Music/Comedy/Theatre/great friends/great outdoors/Great God above, is it only next week ---- but we haven't even started a list!

Oh well, list so far is: wellies, wetwipes, suncream, herbal remedies, booze, bog roll, beds, tent. Have I forgotten anything? No doubt we will take WAY more than this, but essentially, this is all you need. I'm a bit worried about having to use portaloos again after the luxury of the farm toilets at glastonbury, but needs must and if you gotta go, you gotta go. Ew.

Lucky for matt, I don't think I have any need for these this time:

which disgusted Matt,but was a Godsend in the middle of a muddy night, at least 10 mins from any loos. Highly recommended.
Although now I have my sights on something a little more grand, check out this baby

Full on private disposable toilet tent!!!

Get in!!! (not literally!)

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Matt said...

this is what you require

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