Crack House

Thats where I have been today for the second time, its becoming a bit of a habit. Ok ok, not a crack house in the Amy Crackhouse sense of the work - but a chiropractor. I finally decided that 4 months of back pain is probably enough and took myself to the doctor. And after a swift consultation where it was decided that they could do bugger all, I took my life into my own hands and headed across the road to the Chiropractors.

I didn't have much time to back down as they had a cancellation so in I went and within an hour, my bottom joints in my spine had begun their journey back round from whence they came (ie. they were twisted and now they are being sent back to their correct place).

I hold Josie totally responsible for this as she was the one who psyched me out on the ski lift in March by saying 'you see, you never know what its going to be like when you get off' approximately 5 seconds before this information changed to 'you're gonna fall''re gonna FALL' in my brain and sent me hurtling off the ski lift and onto my bindings - arse first - hard. Apparently, this could have been the straw that broke the Lynda's back - literally - and has probably made worse something that was already a problem.

The good news is, seeing as I left it so long, I get to go for a lot longer than your average person whilst they try and correct it. AND I get to not sleep and be in pain as all my nerves are being set free, so they are having a 24 hr pain fest to celebrate.

So camping should be good next week then :-)

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