Nutter of the Day #3/Public Service Announcement

Whoever released this research which is all over the news today.

"According to a review of studies by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international group providing healthcare information, the merits of self-examination need to be questioned.

Jan Kosters, who conducted the latest review, said teaching women a routine of how to check their breasts may be a waste of time.

Instead, he said, women should be told to keep an eye on small changes, detectable visibly and through touch."

Is it only me who can see this glaring contradiction?
For any lady Tea fans out there, who are confused as to this research, let me clarify:

Don't self examine - look and touch instead.

Now is just me, or are these EXACTLY THE SAME THING? Unless of course there has been a rise of women sitting their boobs down with a paper in A-level English Literature, and as a result the experts have been forced to clarify what self examination actually should entail.

After all, us broads are pretty thick.

NB This is for all you gentleman Tea fans out there - so you don't feel left out.

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Matt said...

99% of research papers are bollocks, I know I did a research paper on research papers, well really I just researched the paper I was writing, which was very much like looking into a mirror using a mirror.

Anyway, What I really wanted to say was BOOBS!

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