Bring me back a dog*

Matt's decided we are getting a dog when we get back from America. Mainly so he can watch it swimming and train it to run alongside his bike. Sounds fair enough. I'd like a dog because they are cuddly, and you don't look like a perve when you are in the park.

So it has to be:
Soft as they come in both touch and in temperament.
Medium to small, as we have a small house.
Not a working dog, for above reason.
A long nose for snuffling.
Eyebrows for raising at us.
A cute head for cocking to one side whilst raising eyebrows.
Not barky.

I like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, or little black dogs. Dogs with permed ears and funny little feet.

I don't like anything that looks like you should be applying talc to yourself with it.
Yappy, barrel bodied dogs.
Anything in a handbag once its fully grown.
Ones that look like Gizmo from Gremlins.
Ones with heads like bricks.
Anything which might feature on a tattoo of a BNP member.

Matt likes:

We thought about a Beagle, but we don't like smoking in the house** and apparently you can't let them off the lead very often as they are easily distracted. (sounds like me)

So any suggestions?

*Clever IAMX song reference.
** Below the belt animal testing reference, shame on me.


milly said...

A lil whippet called Bambi? Such gentle, lovely dogs.Perfect size too.

Or a Border terrier as they are hands down the friendliest terrier out there and they were bred for keepin up with horses and have long legs. Perfect for keepin up with a bike. And lovely wiry non allergic fur. Plus they are small enough but not naff small.They do look like an ewok though hopefully this is not a problem.

Or just a lovely mutt from a dog's home. Non pedigree dogs have fewer health problems. Though we adopted ones with ISSUES so be prepared for quirks such as hating grannies or men in hats.

Good luck!!

Lynda said...

Border terriers are pretty cute aren't they? I think matt would be well up for an Ewok dog :-)x

Matt said...

Oh jeez.

get something like jon's

nicole said...

I apologise, but I really love these...

I know you didn't want anything in a handbag - so don't put it in one! Someone who works in the Northern Flower shop has one, I want to steal him.

Lynda said...

but they have really bad breathing problems because their noses are so far back in their faces :-)

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