Further evidence concludes early onset of dementia

As if you needed anymore evidence that I was rather a delusional imaginative child I would like to share with you some thoughts from age about 9-10.

The first one is a detailed description of my perfect bedroom. Complete with adventerous desk and special everything. No wonder everyone wanted to get in.

This second one is based on listening to some music by Elgar.
I'm pretty keen to pick up on the orange carpets and curtains that one of them obviously had, and also that the nice lady doesn't go to discos or the pub, and that her aunty and uncle live in Belgium.

But the best one has to be the sad/jumpy clown, who is sad either because his parents died, or because he got fired by his manager but its ok because he has Old English sheepdogs.

Glad thats sorted then.

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nicole said...

Haha, did you ever get that desk from MFI?

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