Why so serious?

Went to see The Dark Knight last night, and the reviews are in.


I've never been a massive fan of Batman**** - whenever I see an Adam West episode I can taste Battenberg as it was always on a Saturday lunchtime - but this was summink* else.

I think Christian Bale is the only truly heroic Batman that has ever been and I am sure glad he has been pie-ing it since The Machinist*. And Heath Ledger was pretty ace as The Joker, though whether a posthumous Oscar is deserved is another matter.***

What I did notice though is that Gary Oldman is living up to his name these days.


* dialect word of the day.
** very good disturbing and depressing film very like most of the films I get from LoveFilm, much to Matts dismay.
***answers on a postcard to The Oscars, Hollywood, The U S of A.
****updated. See comments below and for 'never been a massive fan' read 'was obsessed with'


Matt said...

"I've never been a massive fan of Batman"

That's not what the T-Shirt you wore thoughout the summer of 1989 said.

Lynda said...

Did I have a t-shirt? I can't remember it, I had a mug. Oh God. Hang on need to amend the post.

Matt said...

You definitely had a T-Shirt.

I think you went to see the 1989 batman around your Birthday.

That was the first ever 12 rated film, dontchaknow, I think 12 was created because of that film.

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