Slaying the Rad

Nice innit?
Its a Rocky Mountain Slayer SS 396 and its all mine, all £2395 of it.

For a day.

We have put in our rental orders for Whistler Bike Park, where we will be in a couple of weeks, whilst you lot are all enjoying the glorious British Summer (some of which is coming through my letterbox at the moment)we will be shredding the downhill trails and looking like stormtroopers in our face helmets. Oh yeah. Shame i will probably embarrass Matt by just rolling over the jumps and shouting Weeeeeee with my legs out like I usually do.

Don't worry I sorted out the insurance today.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Thankfully Canada has chairlifts, that would be as much fun pedalling uphill as ramming red-hot iron pokers up your jacksie.

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