Viva la Credit Crunch

So, the news is in this week, that Brits are looking closer to home for their summer holidays due to the tightening of purse strings this year. Camping shops are doing an even more roaring trade whilst campsites around Britain haven't seen these numbers since the days of Carry on Camping.

All I can say is that Spain must gutted. I bet they can't believe their bad luck not being inundated by a load of pasty, fat, alco-pop-drinking-then-sicking-back-up-within-two-hours Brits AbroadTM. It's probably ruined their summer - gutted. I mean what will they do with their time if they aren't cleaning vomit/blood/piss/other fluids up from the bar. How are they going to enjoy the summer without the background noises of fighting and people shouting for 'Dean' to 'leave it, he's not worth it'. And surely, SURELY, their day will no longer be complete without nearly losing their teeth for not putting gravy on the breakfast order of chips.

Yeah, sorry Spain, guess you are just going to have to get used to a quieter, more sophisticated, easier coastline for this year.

Don't worry I'm sure we will be back soon.

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