Card of the week

I met up with Martin, old school friend from primary school this weekend and had a few (too many) scoops with him in a dodgy pub on the Wirral. Anyway, as it was my birthday he very kindly gave me a card.

And in the card was another card.
This card.

The card I made Martin when he had his tonsils out.

I think its pretty obvious I was going to go into a creative career, what with the 'Roman Soldier' style nurse greeting the poorly boy at the door, the 'to scale' car and the turban wearing, goggle eyed doctor inside, waiting to get his/her hands on Martins tonsils. Is it just me, or do they both have the stature of someone who has just snapped on a pair of rubber gloves in a threatening manner?

And lets not even mention why I decided to change Martins shock of red hair into a Brian May style poodle cut.

Good job I used my best writing.

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