Cake Wars

Manchester City Council, in its infinite unfaltering wisdom*, has decided to charge visitors to the car park by the precinct in Chorlton instead of keeping it a rare free one.

Anyway, Tea fans, this has made me have to find alternative parking for Jeff* when I go to the chiropracter. So this morning, I parked up near the school, and there, just staring at me across the junction was this:


Now, usually, I would call this competition, but seeing as I don't actually have a Tea shop, I am just excited!

Cupcakes in Chorlton. Yippee, I hope its open in time for my birthday next week***

Nom nom nom.

* for further examples please see the congestion charge, the road markings on Upper Chorlton Road and the new 'more lights than Electric City and it looks like zippy anyway' town hall Santa at Christmas.
** Jazzy Jeff the car (Honda Jazz)
*** gentle reminder

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