Adventures in marriage-hood

Hi Tea fans.

Well if there are any of you actually still out there, or if any of you indeed care. here I am a bonafido married lady*. Marriage09(TM) went very well indeed, despite bad rain in the morning, which threatened us to be relegated to the rather unromantic setting of the Partners Room. Luckily, the wedding lady at the hotel is experienced in the art of lying, and told the registrar it hadn't rained all morning when she arrived. It had by then stopped and thanks to a handful of guests getting handful of worms off the path last minute so I didn't squish them with my princess shoes, it all went ahead outside in the gazebo.

Mr Teashopdiaries, was by all accounts, pretty emotional and nervous, before he heard my dulcet tones scousing up the aisle - hiya, ooh hello there, hi, hi (well we didnt have any music as God had struck the wedding ladies cd player down in return for her lying to the registrar). Completed by a roaring rendition of the guests humming 'Here comes the bride' the short walk of ten feet up the path to the gazebo took less than 15 secs. Just how I like it, now stop looking at me, haven't you people got anything better to do?

Whats seemed like 2 and a half minutes later, encorporating two readings where the voices cracked half way through and threatened a cry fest, we were married. Nice. To the point. Thats us.

Half an hour of photos up a mountain in the wind and we were on with the drinking. Meal went very well, speeches were excellent, though don't test me on the content, I can't remember any of it, except me forgetting to thanks the inlaws and give presents out.

Onto the sky candles which were the only let down of the day. Two members of staff, a nearly burnt down tree and 4 sky candles later, it was all called off. We still have a box full. Cheap to the nearest bidder if anyone wants them.

Next up was the band, provided by my dad and his mates. I knew that I would love it, but I was amazed at how much everyone loved them, seeing as its pretty old school music. Half of them got up and did 'keep dancing' tess and bruce impressions across the floor, and the rest joined in the Pack up your Troubles/Tipperary sing-off which was the surprise hit of the evening. All in all, the Trebletones went down a storm, and what lovely gents they were too.

Then came the wheels of steel, well the ipods of aluminium... and an embarrassing amount of gin later, I had danced the night away. Typically the pics from later on in the evening are not what you would call flattering, but hey I had a great time. God knows where my husband was, but I had fun.

Top the night off with an acapella version of ice ice baby by the Toastmaster and the wedding was complete. That was the hundred-and-thousand on the cherry on the icing on the cake that was our big day.

We couldn't have wanted more.

*loose sense of word

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Rachel Cotterill said...

Sounds like a good day - glad you had fun :)

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