Single White Female

Soon to be brown married one. Eek, double eek, and thrice eek.
Brown as in gonna have to tan-up otherwise people might think I have gone for an all in one bodystocking look wedding dress - "where does she start and the dress end?" will be the words on everyones lips.

So... this is it Tea fans.
In order of things worrying me at the moment, here are my top 5.
1. First dance - Mr teashopdiaries to-be is putting his head in the sand on this one, so no doubt it will be a truffle shuffle along the slippy floor till the three minutes are up.
2. Walking down t'aisle. A) I hope its not raining, so I can walk up the path and not the aisle. B) what if I i) cry b) slip or 3) go bright red. All of which are highly likely and not conducive to elegance.
3. Disco. It will be fine. Really happy with the DJ we have but we are hiring the gear off another dude and I just pray it all goes according to plan. Otherwise Tea fans (real ones not webbed ones) will have to chas'n'dave it up.
4. Hair. Nightmare.
5. Trying to not get pissed the night before.
6. Wearing heels
7. Wearing dress
8. Wearing white dress and drinking wine
9... oh sorry I was only doing top 5 wasn't I?

So, next time I speak I will have learnt the Haka in New Zealand having driven the length of it in record time... and will be back in Blighty looking forward to a first Christmas with my new husband.



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