You sure have started somethin'.


Thats me. Officially.

I used to get really wound up when I was about 21 and the novelty of showing my ID had worn off, but I was still being asked to show it whenever I went to pubs and clubs.

Everyone used to say when you are older, you'll be happy. They were right.

I got asked for ID on Sunday in M&S in St Pancras Station, by what can only be described as a teenager. I was buying some nice wine for my soon to be sister and brother in law (hehe) as its their 1st anniversary this week and we were staying at their house. She eyed it up, eyed me up, eyed the wine up again, and then WHAM, there it was:

' Have you got any ID?'

Yesssss, I muttered under my breath as I proudly showed her my driving licence saying 1974 with a massive beam on my face.

'ooh I'm sorry' she muttered as she started to redden in the cheek area.

'No problem' I said loudly, 'I take it as a compliment these days'

'You should' she said.

I do.

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