New kid on the blog

Get ready Tea Fans for an exciting new food based blog.

Retrofuzz are conducting extensive research currently into the best lunchtime eateries/take outs mainly in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

We are going to collectively document all our eatings in a blog style, and score the food accordingly, including pics, and a rating system involving points for: taste, satisfaction, value for money and service.

I also get my cakes rated by the boys who sample them most. So its great research for the tea shop too.



bridget said...

didn't realize you were such a cake fanatic. In the past week I have baked a carrot cake for a birthday and sticky toffee pus forsunday lunch. A first for both but the stp was really ace especially as they had been left soaking in the toffee sauce. I am thinking of making a black forest gâteau for another birthday ok Sunday. Nothing like home bakind!

bridget said...

ugh! Last post should read "sticky toffee pud" - stupid predictive text on this iPod

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