Cereal Killer

Whats with the Kelloggs people these days?

Firstly it was an advert of a young woman gradually removing her clothes in what looks like Narnia, only to find that nice old bowl of Special K with HOT MILK warms you up (to be honest, I reckon keeping your warm coat on in the snow is probably more sensible, if you want to stay warm). You know, like when you have it with COLD MILK, its cold. Well guess what if you have it with HOT MILK its nice and warm.

You don't say.

NOW, its a mum pouring HOT MILK from a jug onto some cocoa pops which then turns into some random extra scene from Fantastia, with cartoon hippos enjoying a nice bath in it.

Eh? What? Am I missing the point here. Haven't people been putting HOT MILK into their cereal to have it HOT rather than COLD for years.

Me thinks that in recent financial times, Kelloggs are sh*tting themselves that they are losing the winter market to porridge (don't kelloggs make Ready Brek though?) and are desperately trying to rebrand all cereals for our winter of discontent.

Why don't they just make one cereal from now on:
Credit Crunch (With Vitamin C)

PS. There is a lingerie shop round the corner from us called The Pillar Box (it used to be the Post Office) whose range of maternity wear is called HOT MILK. Wrong or what?

1 comment:

Matt said...

I have no problem with that Special K advert.

(I have not actually seen it, because, I don't ever see adverts, but my brain says it was probably good)

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