A mathmatical lesson in pies

Hi Tea fans, todays lesson is brought to you by the tax man.

Tax man: Hello, thats a nice pie can I have some.
Me: Sorry, I need it to live from.
Tax man: Go on
Me: I'm sorry tax man, I made this pie myself, its my hard work, why don't you make your own pie.
Tax man: But I want yours.
Me: Well, I am sorry, but with this pie I have to feed my family, and by selling pieces I can also buy shelter and plan a wedding.
Tax man: Tough, gimme pie.
Me: NO!
Tax man: OK just give me 1/4 to a third of it.
Me: Do I have to?
Tax man: Yes, its the law.
Me: Oh
Tax man: Yum I am rich.

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