Adventures in wheat free world

Morning Tea-fans. Here are some wheat free breakfast muffins.

They aren't the same.

The wheat free spanner has hit the works at full pelt regarding the future of the tea shop.

Well probably not, but it does sound dramatic doesn't it.

I am wheat free for 4 weeks (long boring story) and have realised that wheat is present in nearly everything that you see around us. In fact I'm pretty sure that I am currently sat on a settee stuffed with wheat (weetabix maybe?).

Currently the most difficult thing to find is something you can have with a roast.

tofu burgers - nah contain wheat
Quorn products - nah contain wheat
veggie burgers - nah contain wheat
steak - nah contains meat

And the most rude of all rude appearances of wheat so far is:
Panda Liquorice.


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