The best smells in the world

I was walking back from the shop yesterday (following the purchase of organic chocolate drops for Matts cakes - see next post) and I whiffed the gorgeous, unmistakable smell of chippy chips, from the local Beech Rd Chippy*, so this has inspired me to get my rhyme on and I now present, to the tune of 'My Favourite Things'.

Raindrops on mowed grass and hot necks on kittens;
Basil, rosemary and freshly washed mittens;
Brown paper packages filled up with chips
These are a few of my favorite sniffs

Pine forests, almonds and freshly made coffee;
Baked bread and fruit cake and treacle toffee;
Garlic that grows in the fields and the fells
These are a few of my favorite smells.

Petrol at garages and blazing camp fires;
Ginger and fennel and clothes out the dryer;
Old books and new books and the inside of tents,
These are a few of my favorite scents.

*Best Chippy EVER.

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