Volcom Party Bakeathon

Well Friday was the day I took a day off normal work of staring out the window design and took up role of Master Baker for a day. Phew it was HaRd WoRk!

After a frenzied morning, of cats, haircuts (for cat) and Asda shopping we finally started baking about 1pm. We did a rota system of one 24 cupcakes, followed by 30 biscuits, (Rpt) until we had about 54 cupcakes (because the size varied enormously!) and 60 + biscuits.

Round one ended in some rather thick set cupcakes. So we iced the bejesus out of them and no one was any the wiser.

Round two were rather lighter, but spread over the entire top of the muffin tray. So we trimmed round them with scissors and then iced the bejesus out of them and no one noticed.

Round three, were considerably better. Bright red as we had relented to the 'un' natural food colouring and just the right cupcake size. So we thought, what the hell and iced the bejesus out of them, and didn't think anyone would care one way or another about anything much, seeing as they were getting free cocktails AND cupcakes.

The biscuits were altogether easier, besides the recipe misinforming us re: the flour. So we just poured more in and they were very nice in the end.

Here are some pics from the baking session. More to follow of them 'in situ' when Matt gets them off his iPhone. I am currently sans decent camera as the battery is faulty in mine... and the new one has not arrived yet.

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