Its snowing!!!

Big Wow.
I wonder how people in Scotland cope.

Now in other news, here are some more cakes that I have been up to this weekend.

The first ones are the black bottoms I made the other week, which I forgot to take a photo of before they were scoffed by the Fuzz boys.

They looked rubs, but were the most delicious ones I have ever made. (apparently).

The red velvet ones came out very well apart from the icing, which I didn't make thick enough. Oh well, tastes nice.

And the cookies were a bit weird as they were wheat free and didn't stick very well, they also contained bee poo honey so I'm not keen, though dipping them in choc worked well. The shapes were good though.

And in Asda yesterday I found silicone muffin cases 12 for £2 which was a bargain!

Still need to perfect a good biscuit recipe for the Friday bakeathon in a couple of weeks.

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