Sorry you have a life and can't wait in all day for me.

Ok, so here it is.

Our postman left, they didn't replace him, they gave our round to another (very begrudging by all accounts) postman on top of his round. He wasn't happy about having to work till 2pm. Poor you I thought, though he probably did start work at about 6am.

We now don't get our post till 2.30pm sometimes, sometimes, 4pm, sometimes 12.30pm. So unless I stay in ALL day waiting for the postman, if I miss a parcel, I have to go and collect it. Which is fine if it is not-delivered in the morning, but as it is not-delivered 2.5 hours after the sorting office shuts, I then have to get it the next day.

Its NOT good enough, I work from home. So if I work from home, and I can't successfully take delivery of parcels. How the hell can people who go away from their houses to work get their big post?

They should franchise out Royal Mail to Father Christmas, he seems to manage ok.

And don't even get me started on Home 'oh you aren't in, ok I'll leave the massive cardboard box with amazon written all over it on your doorstep two feet from the pavement' Delivery Network.

AND I've not even started on DHL!

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Matt said...

To be fair to postmen they're not allowed to start their rounds too early and they're not allowed to finish before a certain time either.

My postie leaves things with my neighbours if I'm not in, and I think I've had about 6 different postmen this year.

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