Ding dong the witch is dead

Which old witch? The wicked witch of course.

Last night saw the annual 'people who used to work for Epigram and people who still do and are girls' Christmas theatre trip last night, and it was to the Lowry again, but this time to see the Wizard of Oz, or Woz as I like to call it.

This time, we borrowed Elsa, Jo's little girl, to make us look a bit more legit and a bit less like a bunch of weirdos who go to pantomimes, like we do most years. However, this wasn't a panto this year (though they threw in a 'they're behind you' for the kiddies) but a fantastic performance of an old favourite.

The munchkins were amazing. They were kids, but they mimed to the original soundtrack so they had adult squeaky voices, and it worked a treat. They had a full on sheer cinema screen that stood in front of the set, so when they showed the tornado scene, they had a 'pitching' bedroom scene in the background and images of scarecrows and twisters and its of houses flying about on the screen. Very creative and very effective. As always, a stunning show at the Lowry.

Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable night out, I think we enjoyed it more than Elsa, who seemed to spend more time looking at her amazing flashing light show heart that Jo had bought her, but hey!

Now.... who's up for Mary Poppins in the new year? Matt?

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