Work interrupts play

Hi there, my lovely follower.

In case anyone cares, the reason that I have reverted back to type of 'slackblogger' its because, for some inexplicable reason I have been working at my proper job. And a lot of it too. And at night I have been gymming in order to not die on my Marathon Walk in April. Or watching the Olympics snowboarding. Or making more bread - but not having time to talk about it, nor work out why my proving stage appears to defy all rules of yeast and physics and REFUSES TO DOUBLE IN SIZE.

In other news, at knitting club, we are considering setting up a WI, but not a new fashioned one, and old fashioned one. Apparently there is one in Dunham Massey where you get marked down at shows if you have ONE stitch out of line in the quilting competition. This sounds like something I need to get involved in.

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