The competition

Popped into the (not) new (as its been open ages) cupcakery in Chorlton to sample some of their delights seeing as we never seem to be around when it's open. As it was a) Mothers Day and b) Sunday late afternoon, there was not the usual amount of cupcakes to select from, but also seeing as we had never had any before, it didn;t really matter.

They all looked fab, but we opted in the end for a Betty Page (chocolate and coffee), and a Mint Royale (chocolate and mint).

The presentation could not be faulted, beautifully crafted dollops of cream cheese icing decorated with glitter and chocs.

The sponge was fabulously light and the icing, just the right consistency to be melt in the mouth, but still hold its shape. No mean feat I will add as my last cream cheese icing slipped sideways off most of the cakes.

We were a little disappointed that the actual cake bit didn't reflect the nature of the cake a little more ie. coffee and mint in the chocolate cake, but we put this down to the logisitics of actually running a business as oppose to making cakes in your kitchen for your mates.

Anyway, all in all, a lovely Sunday afternoon treat in the guise of research.

Must write more blogs. Its been far too long Tea-fans.

More soon...

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