Load of Baubles

According to Debenhams, who had all their baubles and Christmas decorations out on the 'Home' floor, Christmas is obviously round the corner. Now most people who are aware I am a founder member of the KCID (Keep Christmas in December) movement, whose symbol is a cracker with a red cross through it*

At the risk of ending up with floods of humbugs being sent my way (yes please they are yummy), WTF??? Christmas!!! If I am correct it's in more than three months time. We have only just had 'back to school', nowhere near Halloween and Bonfire Night and I'm still wearing vest tops - ok with two jumpers on top but this IS the UK.

So why not bring everything forward three months, lets eat pancakes on 25th December, Easter Eggs on 1st January, and whilst we're at it, I'm going to start building my birthday up somewhere in the month after my previous birthday, so I have the full 11 months for everyone to get ready for the BIG DAY.

Yes, Tea fans, DAY, ONE day, ONE day in 365 days in a year. Get over it.
My fail safe way of avoiding the Christmas stress every year is this:

1. Ignore all the bollocks on telly and in shops till 1/12
2. Start thinking about nice presents.
3. Buy nice presents.
4. Wrap nice presents.
5. Ignore Christmas cards and buy an Oxfam present instead and then email everyone.
6. Have a roast dinner (which is what a lot of people have every Sunday, but which most people stress about as if they were making it for Jeez himself.
7. Enjoy the day remembering that actually it wasn't stressful at all.
8. Have more fun because you didn't stress about since the Boxing day before.

Good ey?

Now... wedding planning...arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh. *tears hair out*

*not really

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nicole said...

Yep, I was in Sainsbury's last night and they've moved all the croissants to make way for... Mince pies and Xmas puddings! I was fuming I really was. It's SEPTEMBER!

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